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Foreign students

Students at the École des Arts Déco's partner schools are given priority for study terms at the School. Foreign students are generally admitted into the 4th year, for one semester.



Study terms for foreign students, as part of academic partnerships

Study trips at EnsAD are offered in priority to students from our institution's partner schools. Foreign students are generally admitted to Grade 4 for one semester and have access to courses in the chosen sector and to art studios.

Exceptions may be made, on the advice of the Director of Studies and the Sector Coordinator, to extend the study period for another semester.

The decision on the admission of candidates is determined by the teachers of each sector of the School. A selection will be made for each of the two semesters.

The School does not award a diploma. However, foreign students studying in France will be able to benefit from a certificate attesting to the achievement of their ECTS credits.
Students admitted for a study trip will be able to take French courses.


Application for a study period

1) Deadline: April 6 for the fall semester and October 1 for the spring semester

2) A link sent to the heads of the partner schools

3) Online nomination and application
The application must include the following documents

    - choice of the teaching sector among the 10 proposed
    - cover letter, written in French
    - curriculum vitae ;
    - artistic file consisting of a minimum of 12 works, in the form of photographs, drawings, CD-Rom and/or video and works of artistic expression

Once admitted, the foreign student's enrolment procedures are the same as those required for regular students. Students from partner schools are exempt from registration fees but must nevertheless ensure their enrolment in their home school.

Enrolment in the School is then made according to a schedule proposed to students admitted to this academic exchange. The procedures for attending and registering for courses will be specified.


Contact Information
Aurélie Zita