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This department trains visual artists capable of working in volume and space, of initiating projects, and of fulfilling commissions by using all the technical and technological resources they have available, whether traditional or contemporary.



Overall objectives:

Instruction in the Art department is based on all of the skills of the various departments of the School—skills which art has drawn from since the beginnings of modernity.
The teaching offers a powerful technical and technological experience connected structurally to a theoretical reflection of constant dialogue.
The practice of space, volume, and installation is thereby understood in all its applications, ranging from sculpture to installation, in traditional and contemporary media.
In this context which already contains the expertise of contemporary creation, technical and technological learning is reasserted. At the same time, priority is given to reflection and the acquisition of knowledge—from history to current events—that must accompany them.

Students must first master the methodological, theoretical, and formal components of any project so that they can later make their personal contributions. Students gradually define themselves through collective and multidisciplinary work.

At the end of the course of study, students will be able to both fulfill commissions and initiate projects by using all the technical and technological resources at their disposal. Their skills will be applied mainly in the field of art, but can also find applications in professions dealing with exhibitions and urban space, as well as cultural production and distribution.