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Entering the job market

The instruction provided by the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs is intended to help its graduates move into the careers of their choice. The school strives to encourage students' skills and the uniqueness of their talents throughout their entire course of study.



Three years after they graduate from the School, 90% of graduates exercise a professional activity that corresponds to their qualifications.

Whether self-employed or salaried employees, the School's graduates enter professions related to image, space, and objects:

  • artistic director in publishing (exhibition catalogs, art books, children's books, etc.);
  • graphic designer (signage, publishing layout, visual identity, multimedia);
  • producers of video clips, video games, animated films; feature or documentary films for television and cinema;
  • photographer, video maker, camera, installations, post-production (editing, sound mixing, color grading);
  • press illustrator, publishing, advertising (children's books, comic books, posters);
  • interior architect (designing private or public spaces);
  • stage designer (theater, opera, film, exhibitions, events);
  • product designer (design and production of daily or luxury objects, for furnishing, home, public structures, packaging);
  • industrial designer (sport, mass marketing, automobile sector, etc.);
  • textile designer (furnishing, clothing);
  • fashion designer (ready-to-wear, haute couture);
  • accessories designer;
  • visual artist (installations, sculptures, art market, etc.).
  • etc.

The school maintains close ties with all of the professional spheres corresponding to its 10 departments of specialization.