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This department teaches students how to execute and finalize photography and video projects, with equal emphasis on the professional and the artistic.



Overall objectives:

Associating photography and video in order to professionalize the practice of each of these media; establishing dialogue between them and exploring new approaches.

By alternating practical exercises with supervised short projects, students in the 2nd year acquire the technical tools they need to express themselves. They also learn to develop a critical approach to their own work.

In the 3rd year students flesh out what they have learned through personal or assigned projects over a longer period of time and by establishing a methodology.

The 4th year sees a shift from the educational style of the previous years, with a series of workshops that have students work on short-term but full-time projects.

The second semester is also devoted to finalizing the thesis.

Finally, the 5th year is devoted to the Grand Projet (diploma project).

Courses in the history of video and photography as well as in art history enrich the students' reflection throughout the course of study and enable them to forge theoretical and critical thinking.

The course of study includes frequent workshops; meetings with professionals, critics, or exhibition curators; participation in competitions with other European schools; and commissions by outside partners.

The instruction enables the students to acquire, over their years of study, the skills needed to produce and finalize projects in photography or video, in both an artistic and commercial context.