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École des Arts Déco students abroad

The international dimension has become essential in building a professional future. Study abroad is an opportunity for students to confront their capacities for innovation and creation with different cultures and different economic, social, and environmental approaches. Working in another culture is also a way of becoming strongly adaptable.



As part of the harmonization of higher education at the European and international levels, the School facilitates the mobility of its students and proposes study-abroad opportunities at its partner institutions. This mobility is part of an exchange program established based on an exceptional network of academic (more than 50 in Europe) and professional partnerships.
Studying abroad is encouraged by the School, as it represents an opening up to different cultural and professional worlds for the students.

Foreign Studies

Studies, professional internships, or educational travel abroad are subject to approval by the School's International Commission, which is chaired by the School's director and includes the coordinators of the academic departments and the Dean of Studies. Students must submit an artistic application, a letter of motivation, and grades to the commission. Command of the language of the country chosen is a selection criterion.
The commission establishes a ranking based on the quality of the project and the student's merit. Based on that ranking, the School may allocate scholarships to students in order to facilitate their travel and study abroad.

More than 70 students have the opportunity to study
abroad or do an internship abroad during their 4th year.

Deputy Director of studies,
in charge of international relationships :

Aurélie Zita

In charge of mobility and
international partnerships :

Ludivine Zambon