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Materials library

With more than 6000 samples of materials at the cutting edge of innovation, the School's materials library is a unique and indispensable resource center for research and for inspiring students!
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Flooring made out of recycled plane tyres, foam from aluminum, shark leather, cloth from wild boar hair, felt from volcanic rock

The materials library of EnsAD contains the most unexpected materials for a profusion of uses.
Source of inspiration, a place of information and advice, the materials library has offered for 20 years a panorama of the technological innovations in the sector of flexible materials.
Textiles, leathers, papers, metals and plastics are listed, in a collection of 6000 samples that completes a network widened even more through supplier’s contacts.
Technical performances delicate characteristics and environmental appreciations are proposed with all the reference tables and appreciations made possible through experience.

Access and opening hours
Access to the materials library is limited to students, researchers, and teachers of the School.

Isabelle Rouadjia

Tel +33 (0)1 42 34 97 72