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5-year degree course

The degree course is comprised of two sections (3 years + 2 years).



A 5-year degree course

The degree course is comprised of two sections (3 years + 2 years).
The first three years are dedicated to acquiring the fundamentals, as well for initiating the Grand Projet.
The final two years are for initiation into research.

All 1st-year students take the same courses. A specialization is chosen in the 2nd year.

The 4th year includes the mandatory professional internship, the thesis, and possibly academic studies abroad.

The 5th year is devoted to the Grand Projet diploma project.

Throughout their studies, students also receive instruction in art and general academic subjects (drawing, painting, sculpture, art history, aesthetics, law, new technologies, foreign languages, etc.).

Educational goal

The goal of the degree course is to prepare students for careers in the creative professions, to offer a real educational development open to the issues of our day, and to enable students to establish themselves as designer-creators in a constantly changing professional world.
The School has thus designed its course of study to encourage a symbiosis between specialized instruction by department and interdisciplinary instruction.
The School encourages relations among the disciplines and with outside partners, be they professional, institutional, or academic.
A research, creation, and innovation program (EnsadLab) was established in 2007.
The specialized departments, as well as the 1st-year standard course, are coordinated by a professor elected by his or her colleagues. The director and the dean of studies establish the educational orientations after consulting the Studies and Research Advisory Committee and receiving approval from the School's board of directors.