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Professional internship

The degree course at the École des Arts Déco includes a mandatory professional internship, the aim of which is to develop the students' professional skills.



The professional internship
The School's degree course includes a mandatory internship of at least three months with a business or in the professional sphere. It is possible to participate in three separate internships, on the condition that the total amount of time is at least three months.
The internship, which aims to develop professional skills, can be done at any organization in France or abroad whose activities correspond to those of the student's specialization. The internship director validates the proposed internship agreement as well as its relevancy. The best periods for the mandatory internships are the summer vacations after the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th years.


Internship conditions
The internship is subject to a written agreement, which must be signed by the three parties (the director of the School, the responsible party at the host organization, and the student) before it begins. The agreement is drawn up by the office of the Dean of Studies, following submission of a mandatory internship agreement request (downloadable from the School's intranet site).
The request, signed by the professor chosen as the internship director, specifies the jobs, tasks, and projects entrusted to the student, as well as the terms of supervision (an internship tutor within the host organization must be designated). The internship is supervised by an internship director (an instructor from the School) and an internship tutor (representing the host organization).

Insurance coverage: students benefit from health insurance as well as specific insurance taken out by the School for the entire period of the internship.
The internship director is chosen from among the professors of the academic year in which the internship is carried out. After the internship, this director validates the student's work, upon examination of the student's internship report and the internship tutor's evaluation sheet, and attributes a grade. The 10 ECTS credits for the internship are recorded in the first semester of the 5th year. Students whose internship is not validated must do a second internship in their 5th year. If they do not, they must repeat their 5th year.

Internships abroad
There is a growing need to initiate and develop training in an international professional environment. To meet this need, the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs has chosen to provide financial support to the best student candidates for professional internships abroad. A specific commission, which meets once a year in late May/early June, awards these scholarships.
Click here to propose an internship to the School's students: form for posting offers.
Or, contact:
Ms. Sophie Zouari (Dean of Studies office)
Tel. +33 (0)1 42 34 97 36