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Key figures 2014

Two centuries of history, a unique educational model, and an international outlook that encompasses partnerships with more than 140 schools and innovative businesses... These are all factors that make the School part of a select group of top art and design institutions.



The École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs

Founded: 1766
Status: public institution of higher education under the authority of the French Ministry for Culture and Communication
Student body: 700 students, of whom 15% are foreign and 28.5% on scholarship (CROUS)
Teaching staff: approximately 180 professors and instructors

• Enrollment fee: 433 €
• Social security contribution: 213 €
Total: 646 euros per year


Degree course and diploma: 5 years of study, state-certified Master's level diploma awarded by the School
10 departments of specialization: Interior Architecture, Art, Animation, Multimedia/Graphic Design, Product Design, Textile and Texture Design, Fashion Design, Printed Images, Photography/Video, Stage Design

5-year degree course

  • 1st year: common courses
  • 2nd year: beginning of specialization in one of the 10 departments
  • 3rd year: in-depth work on specialization
  • 4th year: preparation and oral defense of Master's thesis; professional internship
  • 5th year: preparation of and oral examination on a Grand Projet leading to diploma

Coursework is theoretical (history of art and civilizations, humanities, languages, seminars on legal issues and economics…), technical (morphostructure, silkscreen printing, engraving, models…), artistic (drawing, painting, sculpture, murals...), and also covers new technologies.
Classes, workshops, interdisciplinary projects.

All students must spend time abroad as part of their studies, choosing from among three possibilities:

  • Semester at a foreign university (not mandatory);
  • Business internship of at least 3 months (mandatory), in France or abroad;
  • Study trip abroad.

All students undertake a mandatory professional internship of at least 3 months. This internship can be done in France or abroad.

Innovation and Research

The EnsadLab research laboratory

EnsadLab research cycle:

  • 7 research programs covering the fields of art and design
  • 44 student researchers
  • Numerous partnerships with research universities and businesses

Participation in PSL: The « Paris Sciences et Lettres - Quartier Latin » research university is an Initiative of Excellence (IDEX), part of the « Investments for the Future » program.
SACRe PhD in art and creation – Paris Sciences et Lettres.

Participation in 2 LABEX (Laboratories of Excellence) in the Investments for the Future Program: « Cultural industries and artistic creation » (IC-CA) in conjunction with Université Paris XIII, and « Arts and human mediations » (H2S) in conjunction with Université Paris VIII.
The School also participates in an IRT (Institut de Recherche Technologique) and in a program of the National Research Agency (ANR): « Mapping environmental debates on adaptation » (MEDEA).
The School is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles.



1. Resources
Budget: approximately 13 million euros
Surface area: 15,000 m2 over 7 stories, including

  • 18 technical studios
  • 2 amphitheaters, 1 exhibition gallery
  • 1 library (21,000 titles)
  • 1 materials library (5000 samples)
  •  1 cafeteria

2. A unique network of partners, including 97 foreign academic institutions on all five continents as well as 50 businesses

3. The Innovation and Expertise Programme , in partnership with the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation

4. Endowment fund


1. Special cycles of seminars: The « Ateliers de rencontres » with major players from the contemporary cultural scene; the « Rendez-vous du design » ; history of film cycle at the Jeu de Paume; the New Media Observatory in partnership with Université Paris VIII.
2. Program of events: more than 20 public events each year (exhibitions, workshops, fashion shows, etc.), in France and abroad.


2013-2014 competitive entrance examination results


  • 1st-year entrance examination: 2351 registered applicants, 89 admitted (3.8%)
  • 2nd-year entrance examination: 794 registered applicants, 52 admitted (6.5%)
  • 4th-year entrance examination: 308 registered applicants, 14 admitted (4.5%)


Professional opportunities and careers

1. Employability: 90 % of the School's graduates find a job that matches their qualification.
2. Career prospects: Graduates find jobs in many professions in the following three fields:


  • Image: visual communication, publishing, multimedia, branding, advertising, communication, illustration, signage, packaging, animation;
  • Space: interior architecture, film industry, stage design, museography, television, visual arts, theatre, etc.;
  • Objects: industrial design, textile creation, fashion, accessories, furniture, applied art.

3. The School maintains close ties with the professional sectors corresponding to its 10 academic departments.


Did you know?

19% of candidates accepted as 1st-year students in 2012 had only a secondary-school diploma (without having attended a school to prepare for the entrance examination and without prior training).
Former students of the École des Arts Déco include:
Henri Matisse, Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, Charles Garnier, Hector Guimard, Auguste Rodin, Philippe Apeloig, Mohamed Bourouissa, Ronan Bouroullec, Philippe Cazal, Jean-Paul Goude, Annette Messager, Jérôme Savary, Jacques Tardi, Xavier Veilhan, Martin Veyron...