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Formulaire de recherche


This department prepares students for the various contemporary practices of design, such as industrial design, furniture for the home and for community facilities, service design, and communicative objects.



Overall objectives :

Instruction in the Product Design department incorporates the various contemporary practices of design: industrial design, furniture for the home and for community facilities, service design, and others.
It encourages research, production, innovation, anticipating the future, and knowledge of manufacturing processes and distribution networks.

To develop their projects, students are encouraged to take into account human, social, ecological, and economic dimensions.

Using basic modules of experimentation with forms, colors, lights, structures, and materials, students come to terms with the characteristics and properties of the object (usage, function, meaning, etc.).

In the School's studios, students make models or life-size prototypes.
Issues behind short and long projects are regularly addressed with partners based on programs or on themes of reflection:

  • habitat and manufacturing,
  • habitat and sustainable development,
  • society and services,
  • city and mobility,
  • communicative objects,
  • innovation research and development.

To become autonomous, students question specialists and develop their Grand Projet (diploma projects) in partnership with businesses, distributors, or publishers.

In addition to the permanent teaching staff, the department hosts key figures from the design and creation world each year.
The department enjoys financial support from partner companies on specific projects and from French furniture industries.
It also participates in professional exhibitions and seminars.