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Formulaire de recherche

Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches

In its educational approach, the School takes special care to design methodologies that further the intersection and meeting of various disciplines.



Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches

The multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches are two notions that are structurally part of the issues designer-creators face in their projects.
They encourage aptitudes essential for this culture of carrying through projects. The multidisciplinary approach intervenes when developing and implementing the project; the interdisciplinary approach helps to understand the relations and possible interactions among disciplines.
In the 2nd year, the students choose one department of specialization among the 10 offered. They also participate for three weeks in the "Plateaux": multidisciplinary weeks that provide an opportunity to approach work on an object from the angle of several disciplines.
In the 3rd year, the interdisciplinary approach is developed in the form of inter-departmental or inter-school workshops.
In the 4th year, the mandatory professional internship places the students in a new dimension that puts them face-to-face with the variables of the economy, society, sciences, ecology, etc.
Finally, in the 5th year, the multidisciplinary and/or interdisciplinary approaches are intrinsically related to producing the Grand Projet diploma project.