Ecole des Arts Décoratifs Paris
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    The École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs is a public institution of higher education under the authority of the French Ministry of Culture, the purpose of which is the top-level artistic, scientific and technical training of artists, designers and researchers.


      The École des Arts Décoratifs, which has been a wellspring of intellectual, creative and artistic blossoming for over 250 years, aims to give the future generations of artists and designers the tools they need to shape and create the visual scenery of tomorrow’s world. 

      Every year, over 800 creators working in one of 10 departments (Art-Space, Interior Architecture, Animation, Graphic Design, Product Design, Textile and Texture Design, Fashion Design, Printed Image, Photography/Video, Stage Design) strive to create the tangible, visual and imaginary environment of our world and to reflect on the transformations of the societal and artistic landscape. 

      Its unique teaching method, outward looking attitude and remarkable research department place the École des Arts Décoratifs among the few leading art, design and fashion schools.

      Bachelor’s - Master’s - Doctorate

      The École des Arts Décoratifs awards two degrees recognized by the French government: a Bachelor’s degree after successful completion of three years of study and a Master’s degree after successful completion of two additional years.

      EnsadLab, the School’s research laboratory, offers a doctoral program as part of SACRe (Sciences Arts Creation and Research), after the completion of which is awarded a PhD degree. 

      The École des Arts Décoratifs is a partner of the Université PSL.

      In addition to its teaching and research activities, the School has an extensive cultural programming which shines a light on new creators and offers a platform for discoveries, rediscoveries and for the major questions related to what the contemporary scenery is made up of.

      Ecole des Arts Décoratifs
      Ecole des Arts Décoratifs
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